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San Diego, California

I'm Jessica Dearborn, a freelance writer in San Diego, California. I've been writing professionally for over 15 years. 

I began my creative writing journey at a young age while exploring our five-acre farm in a small town in Oregon. I had stumbled upon an area where the prior landowners had dumped items such as furniture, farm animal bones, old bottles, clothing, etc. My older brother and I would create stories about these discarded items and I would race to my room to write about them.

Those stories stayed with me as we moved to San Diego where other explorations awaited. Eventually, as a young adult, I moved to Los Angeles where I turned some of my life adventures into screenplays, having one of those screenplays optioned by a team of producers. 

After moving back to San Diego in 2010, I've been writing furiously, forging my way into becoming a freelance writer and small business owner.

If you are a small or medium business, a writer, a non-profit, a website content developer, an entrepreneur, or another professional who needs fresh, well-written content that speaks to your business and your customers, contact me today for a free consultation.