JD Writing & Editing Services
Business and Creative Services

San Diego, California

Professional Experience

Article Writing, Blog Entries, Web Content

Receives list of article topics and their expansion limits by the client
Gathers information and content material regarding the subject topics
Conducts interview both in-person and via telephone
Organizes the collected information and the subject matters
Reads copy to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax
Prepares, rewrites, and edits copy that improves readability
Ensures consistency of style
Inserts SEO keywords and hyperlinks in appropriate places in copy
Re-writes, edits, and revitalizes Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) copy for business websites 

Angel Shave Club
Writing press releases, copyediting feature articles, writing original content

Kitchens for Good, Catering and Events
Wrote articles for web content and blog that speaks to the events that are catered and hosted.

San Diego Uptown News
Contributed pieces on community events and businesses 

Arts N Fashion Magazine
Contributed pieces to local print publication on community events and theater reviews

Wrote an article on creating a vision board for Suzie Bowers, CHt

Junc Life and Style
Contributed a creative piece for the winter season, 2011, Winter White

The Tolucan Times
Contributed pieces to local print publication on local businesses as well as community and non-profit events; book, theater, and restaurant reviews.

Scredible, scredible.com
Provided a thorough analysis of Scredible's website copy. Re-wrote, edited, and refocused both Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) copy to revitalize the intended message and engage Scredible's customers (new website is under construction).

Salon Eros, salonerosnorthpark.com
Re-wrote, edited, and revitalized Business to Consumer (B2C) copy for a business website that included the owner’s biography, home page information, and product information.


Integrates the goals of the newsletter with the organization’s strategy
Ensures relevant and well-written content 
Proofreads, fact-checks, and copyedits 
Formats texts with images and photographs
Drafts clear, concise, and precise sentences

Dusty's Riders

Volunteered to write “Dusty's POV” for Dusty's Riders Newsletter, a non-profit organization “Dusty's Riders provides at-risk children interactions with horses and nature.”

Press Releases

KATZCY, http://katzcy.com/

Wrote and edited press releases for KATZCY's elite clientele.

Story Consultant & Story Editor
“Offbeat,” GBK Hybrid, http://www.gbkhybrid.com/

Consulted on and copy edited treatment for GBK Hybrid to prepare for studio pitching. Provided detailed story analysis and personal consultation for my client who wished to have their treatment submitted for a thorough, professional review, and critique.

Book Editor

Vogue Translations
Copyedited PDF’s

Black Chateau Enterprises
Edited, consulted, and proofread manuscript

Alex Gauzzelli, Author
Edited and proofread two manuscripts

Worked with writer on style, voice, and story development

Phil Torcivia, Author

Substantially edited two eBooks
Ensured usage of proper grammar
Adjusted style, format, and content to fit the needs and knowledge of the author & his audience.

Document Editor

Architectural Concepts, Inc. 
Edited and proofread a proposal to create a parklet on property leased by Target Corporation in South Park, CA. Added images provided by client, sourced and selected additional images from stock photo sites. 

Brian Rawlings Management & Consulting

Edited a Standard Operating Procedure document (SOP) for an educational program.

Brian Rawlings Management & Consulting
Edited a 100 page Standard Operating Procedure document (SOP) for a new film studio in Mumbai, India that included all aspects such as Operations & Facilities, Human Resources, Technology, Emergency Preparedness, Security, Stages, Personnel, etc.

The Advantage Coaching Network
Edited a 75-page booklet for President and CEO of The Advantage Coaching Network. 

Transcribes audio and video files while following client guidelines
Proofreads and edits final copy
Thoroughly researches names and information
Maintains the authentic voice of interviewee

Walt Disney Animation Studios
The Sound of Your Voice Memoir
Liquid Salt Magazine